How It Works


We sell for 0% fee to the seller for equipment, vehicles, real estate and other items of value.

We charge the buyer a 10% buyers premium on all items that we keep as a fee.

Example: You bring a tractor that brings $10,000, the buyer pays us $11,000, you get a check for $10,000

You can set a reserve on equipment valued over $1,000.  There is no fee to no sale it. The reserve means you get that as a minimum but get anything over that as well.  Example: You set a reserve at $4,000, the item brings $5,000, the buyer pays us $5,500 and you get a check for $5,000.

No Junk Policy:  Any single item that sells less than $100 is subject to a $10 fee.  (Our goal is to build a high end equipment sale, not a traditional consignment auction with junk.)  We will waive this fee if your total sales for an auction are over $5,000.


Payment will be sent via check within 2 weeks of pickup and/or buyer payment.


All bidding is done online.  Go to,


Click on “current auctions”.  You can either click on the red button to bid or view lots (view if before sale starts).


Please note payment options and pickup dates and times.


Bidding can be done in two ways:

  1. Just put in your max bid right off the bat and sit back.Example: Say you want to bid $500 on an item.The current bid is $100.You can put in $500 and it will bid up to that amount.Say the other bidder stopped at $295, your bid would be $300.

  2. Bid by each time you want to bid.You can keep working the bid up one bid at a time.


*Note – a lot of people bid in the last 3 minutes of the auctions.  Option 1 ensures that you don’t lose an item in the last seconds if you aren’t paying attention. 


** All items are subject to a 10% buyers premium.  We don’t charge sellers anything, so this is how we keep the lights on.  If you bid $1,000, you will pay us $1,100 at pickup.

***Payment is via Cash for items less than $10,000.  Over $10,000 we will accept a wire transfer prior to the pickup date.