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American Iron Auctions has no interest in financing and only offers this information to buyers to facilitate purchases at our auctions.  Please get pre-approval prior to bidding. You don’t have to get the money at that time but know what you can spend before you bid!


  1. Elderton State Bank, Elderton, PA (Money then can be deposited directly into our account at no additional fee.)

Direct Contacts at Elderton State Bank:

Doug Taylor- 724-354-5018


Mark Herring- 724-354-5029


  1. On the auction platform there is a financing button at the bottom.This is through an outside company associated with HiBid which is also in conjunction with TractorHouse and MachineryTrader.This is a large loan agency that specializes in equipment loans.We have no contacts at this organization but this is an option for you to explore.


  1. Check your local bank.


**In option 2 or 3 you will be subject to either having to bring cash to the auction (if less than $10k) or conducting a wire transfer at your expense.  We do not take checks.

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